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Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas COVID-19 Safety and Health Procedures

Team Members:

We value the health and safety of our team. To keep you safe, we need to keep our team safe. All team members will be subject to a wellness check upon clocking in daily. We will ask general questions related to their health and wellness in addition to taking their temperature. Anyone with a temperature or signs of illness will be asked to go home for the day and will be asked to stay home until they are healthy and ready to return.

A Clean Cinema:
There are a number of ways we are going above and beyond to keep our cinemas clean. Every high contact surface will be cleaned and sanitized at least every 30 minutes and even more frequently during high volume times. Designated team members will actively clean surfaces throughout the day in addition to our nightly deep cleaning for all surfaces and areas of the building.

We have increased the amount of time between shows to allow for a thorough cleaning of each auditorium including the seats, armrests, handrails, doors and surfaces. Every area of the building will be monitored by our team to ensure cleaning is a constant practice.

We also have sanitizer and sanitizing wipes available upon request to keep our guests safe, in addition to measures designed to limit interaction and contact with other guests.

PPE for all Team Members:
All of our team members will be required to wear masks at all times while working and additional personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves, will be utilized when handling food, beverage, and any other item that will be handled by our guests or other team members.

In addition to providing training for every team member on all safety and sanitation measures, we are spending extra time covering the importance of PPE and keeping each other safe using these enhanced cleaning measures.

Frequent Handwashing
All team members will be required to wash and sanitize their hands throughout their shifts, at least every 30 minutes. Extensive training on proper handwashing, cleanliness, and proper use of PPE has been provided to all team members prior to reopening and periodically thereafter.

Social Distancing
We are adhering to all required mandates for proper social distancing in our auditoriums, including leaving space on either side of you and your party. Additionally, we have signs, stanchions, and markers throughout our cinemas to help guide everyone on proper social distancing during their visit. A new online booking feature has been added to our website and app to ensure parties are grouped at least 6ft apart.

We are also staggering show times and opening doors earlier to assure limited guest interaction before, during, and after all films.

Low Touch Serving Practices
All food and beverage menus are now accessible via your mobile device using QR code technology and disposable paper menus are available upon request. Our team is trained to guide you through your dining experience for our luxury locations and minimize interaction during the film. We are utilizing other processes and procedures to minimize the amount of contact required by you, our team, and other guests throughout your moviegoing experience.

Reserve Tickets Online
We use technology on our website and app to assure a seamless online ticket purchase process and provide peace of mind that you can enjoy your film with ample space between you and other parties. We encourage you to buy your tickets before you arrive and avoid the need to stand in line once you arrive. Doors will open early for all showings so that you can enter and head to your auditorium with your ticket on your mobile device or printed at home. A new online booking feature has been added to our website and app to ensure parties are grouped at least 6ft apart.

Avoid Congregating
Signage and markers are placed throughout our cinemas to help guide you on navigating your way to and from your auditorium. Help us keep each other safe by following the instructions. Feel free to approach any of our team members should you have questions or need help at any point during your visit.

Follow CDC Mandates
We encourage all of our guests to wear masks during their visit when not enjoying food or beverage. We encourage following CDC mandates for masks and, where required by local mandate, we insist that you wear a mask and will be happy to refund your purchase or offer you a ticket for another day or time should you forget or not have a mask available when you arrive.

Please respect our team and other guests as it pertains to wearing masks and/or any other additionally required safety precautions. We are all in this together and we will do our part to keep you safe!

Enter & Exit Orderly
We will open doors for all films prior to the start of the show to allow people to enter safely with proper distance between themselves and other arriving guests. If you need assistance getting to your seat safely, we are ready to assist and guide you as needed.

Additionally, we ask that all guests exit in an orderly and organized fashion. Exit from the auditorium will start with the first row. A Cinepolis staff member will be there to assist, and guests are requested to remain in their row until the row in front of them has completely emptied. We also ask that you maintain 6 ft of distance between your party and other guests as you enter and exit our building, auditorium, restrooms, and other common areas.

As always, we are here to help. Please feel free to ask any team member, should you have questions. Your health and the health of our employee is our top priority. For the most up to date information and safety practices please visit


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